What is Resilience?

What is Resilience?

I thought I’d share a few videos about what resilience is and how we can build our own.

Working with clients I often find that as we build on their perceptions of strengths, skills and resources we begin to see increased resilience. As we focus on ‘what’s working’ and goals for the future, both short and long term, those things that they find difficult in the present often seem more manageable. They are able to negotiate difficulties rather than slip into a pattern of fight, flight or freeze. They become more future focused, confident and hopeful and this lends itself to them being more content now.

For me understanding how and why are brain reacts to stress is key to this. This understanding might not change the things that we are unhappy about but it does explain that there are some things we don’t got control over and so should be kind to ourselves about and that there are some things that we do have control over that we should learn to cultivate.

Have a look and let me know what you think 🙂



How to apply resilient thinking


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