Listen and Relax

Listen and Relax

You can now listen and relax to my support audio via streaming services Youtube and Soundcloud. For a limited time you’ll have access to the same audio that I give (in CD and MP3 formats) to clients in the initial consultation. Clients often describe falling asleep before the audio has played through and having a restful night, feeling calmer and more relaxed the next day. You can read more about the affects of a lack of sleep in this article.

More details about sessions and what to expect can be found on my ‘Solution Focused Hypnotherapy‘ page.

The audio uses a combination of relaxing alpha music and guided meditation that includes positive affirmations. It runs for 30 minutes giving plenty of time for you to drift in this calm and relaxing soundscape.

Do: Find a comfortable place to relax and enjoy. Can be used before bed as an aid to calm and restful sleep.

Don’t: Use whilst driving or operating machinery.


This audio can be purchased via the ‘Hypnotherapy, Therapy and Meditation‘ page as an MP3 as well as a 1hr 30 minute background version (without narration) for use by therapists.

Music, Design and Narration:
Ben Gaskell

Stock images and video via:

‘Passing clouds’ CC-BY NatureClip

Cloud Fly- Free Looping Video Background – Everett Bowes

A bit more information

Ben Gaskell is a Clinical Hypnotherapist working with clients who suffer from anxiety, stress, low mood and phobias. He practices from Stretford and Deansgate, Manchester and serves the areas of:


Altrincham, Stockport, Trafford, Urmston, Didsbury, Sale, Chorlton.


Deansgate, Northern Quarter, Spinning fields.

Further details can be found on the ‘getting here’ or ‘contact’ page. For more information on how Ben at Greater Manchester Hypnotherapy can help you please call 07756 932 702 or email

ONLINE SESSIONS ONLY, whilst we move to a new location!