Smoking Cessation

You know that you want to quit, right? If you do and can see the harmful affects that it’s having on your body, those around you and your finances then Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a safe, enjoyable and potentially cost effective way of quitting smoking – after all someone who smokes 20 cigarettes a day could save around £3,000 a year.

I offer a 90 – 120 minute session in which we use elements of CBT, NLP, how the mind works and Trance to help you understand more about the effects of smoking both physiologically and psychologically. Helping equip you with the tools and belief in your own resources to ignore the propaganda and just say NO to smoking.

See below for the health benefits of quitting smoking over time.

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N.B. Please note that a deposit is necessary when booking all smoking cessation sessions – see our fees section for more information.

Health Benefits of quitting smoking.

20 minutes

Blood pressure drops to normal Pulse rate drops to normal Temperature of hands and feet return to normal

8 hours

Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal Oxygen level in blood increases to normal

24 hours

Chance of heart attack decreased

48 hours

Nerve endings start to regrow Smell and taste improve

2 weeks – 3 months

Circulation improves Exercise, including walking, becomes easier Lung function increased by up to one-third

1 month – 9 months

Cilia regrow in lungs and airways, increasing lung’s self-maintenance Energy levels increase overall Coughing, sinus problems, tiredness, shortness of breath all decrease

1 – 1½ years

Excess risk of heart disease is halved Recovery rate from heart/bypass surgery almost doubled

2½ – 5 years

Lung cancer death rate for average former smoker almost halved Risk of mouth and throat cancer halved

5 – 10 years

Risk of stroke similar to non-smoker

10 years

Lung cancer death rate the same as for a non-smoker Pre-cancerous calls have been replaced Risk of cancer of mouth, throat, bladder, kidneys, pancreas decreases

10 -15 years

Risk of heart disease is that of a non-smoker


Low risk indicators: Under 35 yeas old; smoking 15 a day or less; good level of fitness; regular exercise taken; no persistent cough; low total consumption since starting.

High risk indicators: Over 50 years old; smoking 30 a day or more; poor fitness level; no regular exercise taken; persistent cough; high total consumption since starting.


These figures are based on research by more than one cancer society and do not represent guaranteed clinical or physical improvements to any one particular individual. It is widely accepted that non-smokers, even those who have smoked at some time in their lives, live longer and with a higher quality of life than those who smoke or continue to smoke.


Success is not guaranteed and full client commitment, such as listening to the relaxation/support CDs, is required for the sessions to be worthwhile. No magic pills are available and this means client participation is a necessary requirement.


Ben Gaskell is a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in the Stretford area of Greater Manchester, serving the local and surrounding areas of Urmston, Didsbury, Sale, Chorlton, Hale, Altrincham and Trafford. Further details can be found on ‘getting here’ or my ‘contact’ page. For more information on Greater Manchester Hypnotherapy please call 07756 932 702.


A bit more information

Ben Gaskell is a Clinical Hypnotherapist working with clients who suffer from anxiety, stress, low mood and phobias. He practices from Stretford and Deansgate, Manchester and serves the areas of:


Altrincham, Stockport, Trafford, Urmston, Didsbury, Sale, Chorlton.


Deansgate, Northern Quarter, Spinning fields.

Further details can be found on the ‘getting here’ or ‘contact’ page. For more information on how Ben at Greater Manchester Hypnotherapy can help you please call 07756 932 702 or email