Happy Pumpkin Day

Happy Pumpkin Day

Don’t let your fears control you this Halloween

Halloween can be a time to let your hair (wig) down, an excuse for a party or to have some family fun carving pumpkins and visiting the neighbours. Not everyone can enjoy the gothic festivities though, and to some the combination of loud noises, dark costumes, horror films, social anxiety associated with people knocking on their door (trick or treating) and the fascination with rubber spiders can be too much.

What is it?

Samhainophobia or the fear of Halloween / festival of the dead can affect both adults and children. With children being greatly affected due to their great imaginations, their ability to build new habits quickly (see my post ‘change your habits‘) and their generally finer line between imagination and reality. Fears and phobias can be exacerbated when we are anxious. Combined with the onset of Christmas and the darker nights leading to seasonal affective disorder affecting nearly a third of the UK population, October 31st can be the perfect melting pot (cauldron) for a focus of negative thoughts and the building of negative behaviours and habits.

What can we do?

It’s important to remember the 3 Ps when we become anxious or stressed. Positive thought, positive activity and positive interaction. So why not plan something that you enjoy doing? Go out to a restaurant, watch your favourite film, spend time with friends and family. These will help you to remain calm and relaxed and help you to build new positive habits and behaviours around the season. In the short term avoiding your cue’s can help to not exacerbate the issue but always be aware if this avoidance is starting to impact on other aspects of your life.

Finally, please remember that you are not alone! We all have aspects of our lives that seem to be out of our control or stop us from doing the things we love. Try talking to an understanding family member or friend about your worries. Speaking to your GP is another great way to start the process of getting help and advice and there are also organisations such as Anxiety UK, MIND a phone call or button press away.

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Ben Gaskell MA HPD SFH SUP DSFH MNCH (Reg.) CNHC-Reg is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist working with clients who suffer from anxiety, stress, low mood and phobias. Based in both Deansgate, Central Manchester and the Stretford area of Greater Manchester he serves the local and surrounding areas of Urmston, Didsbury, Sale, Chorlton, Hale, Altrincham and Trafford. Further details can be found on ‘getting here’ or my ‘contact’ page. For more information on how Ben at Greater Manchester Hypnotherapy can help you please call 07756 932 702 or email [email protected].

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