COVID-19 Update for Clients and Supervisees

This isn’t a post I thought I’d ever have to write when I set up my practice 5 years ago but whilst there are many challenges, and of course people struggling with illness and the anxiety and stress that surrounds it, this is also a great opportunity to look at ‘what’s working been for us’ and to make changes if needed.

When dealing with a difficult situation and lots of information from differing sources it’s important that we can stay as calm as possible; This will help us to make the best decisions possible for ourselves, our loved ones and those important to us. Importantly please understand that, as I often say in session, I am not a doctor or scientist so as I’m not an expert I am unable to give advice.

The Goverment information can be found here –

The NHS information here –

What am I doing?

I’ll be keeping up-to-date with all the information above regarding face-to-face sessions and also offering Zoom sessions from Monday the 16th March 2020.

I am wiping down all high contact surfaces between clients as well as providing antibacterial wipes (and using them before each client). For the time being I am using disposable cups for water, though please feel free to bring your own water bottle. Please also feel free to wash your hands before our session.

I will not be shaking hands for the time being as I regularly come into contact, through clients and family, people considered high risk.

I will cancel clients if I become unwell and I urge clients to do the same if feeling ill. There will be no cancellation fee if you are unwell.

You can now also see me from the comfort of your home via zoom. See me online guide here – 

It’s important that we take a common sense approach, communicate and remain as calm as possible. It’s understandable that there is worry and stress sorrounding the news from around the world but please look for sources such as those above that give clear and consise advice, take some time out to relax or do something you enjoy and take care of those around you.

If you’d like further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch via telephone on 07756 932 702, Email at or my contact page.