Change Your Habits

What would you change?

Knowing what sparks our habits is a simple and powerful way of stopping them in their tracks. Imagine the willpower of having to put that cake back when it’s already in your hands or the difficulty of thinking positive when you’re in a downward spiral.

Why not change that habit at the source?! If you can get to know your ‘cues’ then you can stop those ‘routines’ from ever beginning and use all of that effort for something else. Something positive or creative. That way you can give yourself the same ‘dopamine’ rewards as you’d get from cake or repeating habituated behaviour and create new positive neural pathways at the same time.

You might also find that your beliefs around your habit change for the better. For example you might find that you’re actually more relaxed without cigarettes, more awake with exercise than you ever were with coffee or that you can occasionally decline a drink on a night out and still have fun.

The great news is that just by knowing this process you can use it to spot your unwanted behaviours or even begin to create new positive and healthy habits. So what’s stopping you?


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