All about hypnotherapy.

What is Resilience?

What is Resilience? I thought I'd share a few videos about what resilience is and how we can build our own. Working with clients I often find that as we…
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A Dyson On Your Face

This month Ben and Jeni are joined by clinical hypnotherapist, supervisor and lecturer Jane Fox. She brings her experience as a clinical research associate in the pharmaceutical industry to our…
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This month Ben and Jeni are joined by Siobhan Healy aka Jutika (jas-lab.com), an experienced meditation and mindfulness teacher. She gives us some great insight into 'focusing' support all the…
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A Spoon Full of Theory

I'm very pleased to announce that today sees the release of our first episode of 'A Spoon Full of Theory', a monthly podcast I've put together with my colleague Jeni…
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the magic is in you

More Testimonials

I've received some great testimonials this week so thought I would share them here with you. I'd also like to thank my clients for sharing their experiences. It not only…
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Smoking Cessation

Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health - but relying on will power alone is the least effective way to stop. I’m a…
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