Books, Books, Books

I thought I’d share with you a selection of books that have come in really useful in the therapy room.

*Please note that these are affiliate links to amazon – They are all great books but if you don’t like the idea of these kind of links then why not have a look in your local library or bookstore*


59 Seconds – Richard Wiseman

So many evidence based tips to boost happiness and confidence and some good myth busting to boot. I found this book in 2011 have been going back to it ever since.

Find it here on Amazon

Clear, Calm and Confident – Christian Dunham

I’ve met Christian and he’s a great story teller and therapist. This is very much a solution focused hypnotherapy guidebook.

Find it on Amazon here.


Habits of a Happy Brain – Loretta Breuning PhD

This book is great and my go to for talking about serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin etc. You can also get lots of great videos and content on her Facebook page.

Find it here on Amazon


How your mind can heal your body – David R Hamilton PhD

An interesting look at the power we often don’t even realise we have over our bodies and great insight into placebo (not the band). If you can catch one of his talks do! He’ll even sign a book for you – Don’t swoon over his accent like I did though.

You can find it on Amazon here.

Human Givens – Joe Griffin & Ivan Tyrrell

I first learnt of this approach through another hypnotherapist and it remains and incredible book that is very in line with both my solution focused approach and my own ideologies. It’s a biig book so not for the ‘quick self help book’ lovers.

Find it on Amazon here.


A Users guide to the brain – John Ratey

A fantastic book that is perfectly complimented by his other books – Go Wild and Spark. Possibly one for the geeks but I use it to help explain the brain and how it shapes our lives in my initial consultation. He’s another one with a great Facebook page and a newsletter to boot.

Find it on Amazon here.

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