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Hypnotherapy Manchester

Looking for Hypnotherapy in Manchester? I’m your local Solution Focused Hypnotherapist! I practice from both Central Manchester and South Manchester and serve areas of Stretford, Urmston, Sale, Didsbury, Chorlton, Trafford,…
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Greater Manchester Hypnotherapy Videos

Hypnotherapy Videos

A selection of interesting and informative videos from around the web on Hypnosis, Stress and the Brain. If you’d like to add to the list or find out more about…
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hypnotherapy audio

Hypnotherapy, Therapy and Meditation Audio

Hypnotherapy, Therapy and Meditation Audio Relax and Realisation uses a combination of relaxing alpha music and positive guided meditation that includes positive affirmations. The MP3 runs for 30 minutes giving…
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Hypnotherapy for sports motivation

Hypnotherapy for sports motivation in Manchester Are you looking to improve that time, golf swing, serve or preparing for a triathlon? Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is tailored to the individual and…
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