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Ben Gaskell
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We work together to move forward to your positive future. I don't use regression or ask you to tell me your deepest secrets. Sessions often end in laughter and feeling relaxed.



I work with you to understand why we do those things that hold us back. Helping to create new positive habits and ways of seeing your strengths.



I'm part of the CPHT Outcomes Research Programme. This helps me track your progress and anonymously collates data nationally to help ensure our approach is given the credit it deserves.

Ben Gaskell


Hi. I’m Ben Gaskell your local Solution Focused Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist.

I use elements of CBT, NLP, Trance and the latest information on how the brain works to help people like you to achieve their goals. Whether that’s taking back control of your thoughts / elements of your life or helping you succeed with your positive future.

I work with you to offer the following.

A place to relax. Empathy. A judgement free space. My knowledge and experience. The benefits of trance. A chance for change.

Hypnotherapy in Manchester

Time To Look After Yourself


Ride the waves of stress, panic and anxiety

Stress, Anxiety and Low Mood

Stress, anxiety and low mood can often leave us feeling isolated. I can help you to see your strengths and work with you to focus on your solutions.

boarding time for phobia

Fears and Phobias

If your fear or phobia has taken control and is stopping you from living your day to day life then now is the time to act.

Healthy motivation for weight loss


Whether you're looking for help controling your weight, giving up smoking or with a sporting goal hypnotherapy can help you remain focused when it matters.

Working in and around Manchester

Looking for Greater Manchester Hypnotherapy? I meet clients at my home in Stretford, South Manchester, The Remedy Lounge in Central Manchester and The Blend Centre in the heart of Sale.

For clients who find it difficult to leave the house or who wish to see me from more remote locations I’m also happy to use Skype. A high speed broadband connection and tablet/PC as well as headphones are essential.

Visit the Contact page for further details and directions.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help people like you to achieve amazing goals. Whether in the form of being able to get up and go to work in the morning or get that personal best. There are no magic pills though and this means that your participation and engagement is needed.

Success is not guaranteed and your full commitment, such as listening to the relaxation/support CDs, is essential for the sessions to be worthwhile.

I explain all aspects of therapy at the Initial Consultation.

What they say!

I honestly think it works. It is surprising how relaxed and peaceful you can feel if you know how to stop yourself from becoming anxious. It helps with your mental well-being, physical well-being, and helps with eating, sleeping, and everyday life. It can make a massive difference. - GW – Manchester

I would thoroughly recommend this service... I've been having sessions for a few months and I can really see and feel the difference... The environment is really welcoming and Ben the therapist has really understood what I want to focus on and has worked hard to create sessions that I find beneficial. - Helen Hobday

I had a course of sessions before my honeymoon to help with an ocean/shark phobia- it really helped as I managed to get in the water further than knee deep! Ben was very approachable and I felt he listened properly to my fears and devised a tailored approach to overcome them. Thank you 😀 - Carly Hall

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If you’d like to book your initial consultation or ask any questions about how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you then please use one of the methods below.

I look forward to hearing from you. Ben

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I have sessions available during the week, early evening and on most Sundays. Let's see when I can book you in.